Tutoring, Mentoring, & College Prep

“I think the more important task for a young person than developing a personal brand is figuring out what she’s great at, what she loves to do, and how she can use that to leave an imprint in the world. Those are tough questions, but essential ones. Answer those – and the personal brand follows.” ~Daniel Pink

It cannot be denied that education is a holistic discipline, where students learn and succeed based on a variety of factors. Typical tutoring services are only bandaids or quick fixes for a student’s academics. Empirical evidence shows us that by far the best supplemental education programs are those that assist students in their academics, their organizational skills and their long-term endeavors.

As an experienced tutor for a highly successful company, the motivation to learn for my students derived from their aspirations. Even in middle school and high school, kids and young adults have goals. Connecting academics to these goals is the hardest, yet most effective avenue toward long-term success in high school, college and the real-world.

Here are some areas that I can be of service:

  • General academic tutoring
  • Task management
  • Choosing the right college for you
  • College applications

I have experience in helping all types of students and have developed an expertise in assisting students who:

  • have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • are behind grade level in core subject areas
  • are first generation students aspiring to go to college
  • are from low-income families and households

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