Academic Publications

Is School a Sanctuary: Absenteeism among Immigrant Students –  in Addressing Absenteeism (forthcoming)

Familiar Faces and Attendance: How Classmates from the Previous School Year Influence Attendance – Elementary School Journal (in press)

Self Discipline and Catholic Schools – Fordham Institute

Conceptualizing the Intricacies that are Concomitant in Educational Policy Making that Determine Success, Backfire, and Everything in Between – in Educational Policy Goes to School

When Students Miss School: The Role of Timing of Absenteeism on Student Test Performance – Educational Researcher

Does a Classmate with an Emotional/Behavioral Disability Link to Other Students’ Absences in Kindergarten? – Early Childhood Research Quarterly

Blogs and Op-Eds

Catholic schools’ competitive advantage: Self-discipline in the school-choice era – Fordham Institute, Flypaper Blog

The Catholic School Advantage – Gevirtz Graduate School of Education’s Grad Tavern

When Students Miss School – Gevirtz Graduate School of Education’s Grad Tavern