J. Jacob Kirksey

PhD Candidate & NSF Graduate Research Fellow


Absent From School

The editors present a series of studies by leading researchers from a variety of disciplines that address which students are missing school and why, what roles schools themselves play in contributing to or offsetting patterns of absenteeism.

Educational Policy Goes to School

The book discusses the schooling context in Detroit, and how school enrollment restrictions prevented disenfranchised populations from accessing education. It provides the discussion of policy backfire using zero-tolerance discipline policies in schools. The book also discusses the impact of reform efforts that instituted school vouchers in the state of Ohio from the late 1990s.

Familiar Faces: Can Having Similar Classmates from Last Year Link to Better School Attendance This Year?

This study uses district data to explore whether the percentage of familiar faces is associated with absence outcomes for students. The findings suggest that having familiar faces from the previous school year was linked to lower numbers of unexcused absences and lower odds of chronic absenteeism.

Self Discipline and Catholic School

Over the years, Catholic schools have been particularly committed to the formation of sound character, including the acquisition of self-discipline. But how well has that worked? We wanted to know whether students in Catholic school actually exhibit more self-discipline than their peers—and if so, what those schools can teach other public and private schools about how it can be fostered.

Journal Articles

Academic Harms of Missing High School and the Accuracy of Current Policy Thresholds: Analysis of Pre-Registered Administrative Data from a California School District – AERA Open (Conditional Acceptance)

Same-Race Student-Teacher: Comparing Outcomes for Kindergarteners with and without Disabilities – Remedial and Special Education (In Press)

Do Math Classroom Activities and Skills Vary in Kindergarten Classrooms with and without Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities? Teaching and Teacher Education

 Is School a Sanctuary: Absenteeism among Immigrant Students –  in Absent from School

Familiar Faces and Attendance: How Classmates from the Previous School Year Influence Attendance – Elementary School Journal

Self Discipline and Catholic Schools – Fordham Institute





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