Journal Articles

Academic Harms of Missing High School and the Accuracy of Current Policy Thresholds: Analysis of Pre-Registered Administrative Data from a California School District – AERA Open (Conditional Acceptance)

Same-Race Student-Teacher: Comparing Outcomes for Kindergarteners with and without Disabilities – Remedial and Special Education (In Press)

Do Math Classroom Activities and Skills Vary in Kindergarten Classrooms with and without Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities? Teaching and Teacher Education

Is School a Sanctuary: Absenteeism among Immigrant Students –  in Absent from School

Familiar Faces and Attendance: How Classmates from the Previous School Year Influence Attendance – Elementary School Journal

Self Discipline and Catholic Schools – Fordham Institute

Conceptualizing the Intricacies that are Concomitant in Educational Policy Making that Determine Success, Backfire, and Everything in Between – in Educational Policy Goes to School

When Students Miss School: The Role of Timing of Absenteeism on Student Test Performance – Educational Researcher

Does a Classmate with an Emotional/Behavioral Disability Link to Other Students’ Absences in Kindergarten? – Early Childhood Research Quarterly

Blogs and Op-Eds

Catholic schools’ competitive advantage: Self-discipline in the school-choice era – Fordham Institute, Flypaper Blog

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